Dawlance 9122 Lvs Series Top Mount Refrigerator

SKU: 9122-Lvs
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  • Upto 35% Energy Saving
  • Works on as low as 135V (No Need for Stabilizer)
  • Modern Door Handle design
  • Anti-fungal removable gasket
  • Wider and Deeper Body Design
  • 12 years warranty
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Runs on Low voltages

(LVS) series runs on voltages as low as 135V while reducing your electricity bills

Anti-fungal gasket

Anti-fungal removable gasket prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator

Wider body design

Wider body with more depth for bigger pots and utensils

Tired of servicing your refrigerator every few months? Our Low Voltage Start-up series ensures smooth functioning even during power fluctuations and can operate perfectly at as low as 135 volts, saving you the cost of buying a stabilizer and frequent repairing.

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