Haier Thunder Inverter HSU-18HFTCA/WSDC(S)-T3

T3 Ultra Big Outdoor

Upto 52°C Full BTU

Smart Inverter

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Haier Thunder Inverter HSU-18HFTCA/WSDC(S)-T3

Experience Superior Cooling with Haier Thunder Inverter

The Haier Thunder Inverter HSU-18HFTCA/WSDC(S)-T3 is your ultimate solution for powerful and efficient cooling. Designed to handle the hottest climates, this air conditioner ensures your comfort even when temperatures soar up to 52°C. With advanced technology and robust construction, it’s perfect for Pakistani summers.

Key Features

1. T3 Ultra Big Outdoor Unit

This model comes with a T3 Ultra Big Outdoor Unit, ensuring full BTU performance up to 52°C. Its superior design increases durability and efficiency, providing consistent cooling in extreme heat.

2. Smart Inverter Technology

The smart inverter technology optimizes energy usage while delivering powerful cooling. It adapts to varying temperatures, reducing electricity consumption and saving on your energy bills.

3. Hyper PCB

Equipped with a Hyper PCB, the outdoor unit offers enhanced stability and heat resistance. The upgraded components, including IPM, IGB, fuse, and capacitor, extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.

4. Real T3 Inverter

The Real T3 Inverter boasts an innovative radiator ventilation system that enlarges air circulation volume. Combined with a larger heat exchange area and thermal conductivity silicone grease, this feature significantly improves heat dissipation efficiency.

5. Anti-Corrosion Protection

Specially designed to withstand harsh environments, the anti-corrosion coating protects the air conditioner from humidity, salt, chemicals, and acid. This ensures reliability and longevity, especially in coastal regions.


  • Power Input (KW): 0.41 ~ 1.95
  • Running Current (A): 2.3 ~ 8.8
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Air Circulation (m³/h): 1150

Why Choose Haier Thunder Inverter HSU-18HFTCA/WSDC(S)-T3?

The Haier Thunder Inverter HSU-18HFT T3 is more than just an air conditioner. It’s a reliable partner in battling the intense Pakistani heat, ensuring comfort and efficiency in your home. With advanced features like smart inverter technology and anti-corrosion protection, it’s designed to deliver optimal performance for years to come.

Invest in the Haier Thunder Inverter and experience the difference in cooling technology. Find your nearest dealer today and bring home this powerful cooling solution.



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