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Leyard: Pioneer in Visual Technology

A global leader in visual technology, delivering top-tier LED displays and innovative solutions for diverse industries worldwide.

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As a leading pioneer in audiovisual technology, Leyard stands at the forefront of innovation, offering globally competitive visual products and brands. With a commitment to excellence, Leyard has established itself as the go-to choice for cutting-edge display solutions across diverse industries and markets. LEYARD SMD VIDEO WALL in setting the standard in visual technology.

Intelligent Display Solutions

Leyard’s LED display products have consistently held the top position in global market share for five consecutive years. From small pitch LED screens to conventional LED displays, Leyard’s offerings span all product lines and industries, delivering unparalleled quality and performance to leading organizations worldwide.

International Presence and Leadership

With a global coverage and presence, Leyard operates three overseas production bases and seven international marketing centers. The brand dominates high-end display markets globally, ranking number one in the American market share of LCD splicing displays for control rooms for three consecutive years.

Innovating the Nighttime Economy

Leyard is not just a technology company; it’s also an industry leader in the “nighttime economy.” Through innovative nightscape lighting solutions, Leyard breathes life into urban spaces, infusing them with soul and ambiance through the artful use of light.

Fostering Cultural Tourism

As a provider of cultural experience and consumption content, Leyard integrates culture and technology seamlessly. It boasts the distinction of being the only manufacturer with two national culture and technology integrated pilot bases, enriching experiences for tourists and locals alike.

Leading in VR Entertainment

In the realm of virtual reality entertainment, Leyard is an industry leader, providing motion capture and applied technology services. Leveraging eight key technologies, Leyard creates complete application ecosystems based on featured products like OptiTrack, driving the future of immersive entertainment experiences.

Experience Leyard’s Exceptional Products

Explore Leyard’s extensive product center, featuring small pitch LED screens, conventional LED displays, LCD products, creative LED solutions, LED leasing options, VR products, LED modules, and all-in-one conference displays. With Leyard, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect visual solution for your needs.

Stay Updated with Leyard

Keep abreast of Leyard’s latest news, brand updates, and industry technology information through our press center. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of visual technology and shape the future of the audiovisual landscape.



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