TCL Miracle TAC-18T3B DC Inverter Air-Conditioner


Miracle Series


  • · Double swing
  • · Fireproof Box
  • · Full BTU 50°
  • · I See/ I Set
  • · Low Voltage Operations
  • · Self Cleaning
  • · Super Quiet
  • · Full DC-Inverter
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TCL Miracle TAC-18T3B DC Inverter Air-Conditioner

Superior Cooling and Heating

Experience rapid comfort with the TCL Miracle TAC-18T3B DC Inverter Air-Conditioner. Its high-frequency compressor delivers air down to 18℃ within just 30 seconds and up to 40℃ within 60 seconds. Set your desired temperature and enjoy faster refreshment.

Ideal Humidity for Healthier Air

Maintain the most desirable humidity level for humans between 40-60%. This air conditioner targets humidity near these levels, ensuring healthier air moisture, better skin hydration, and easier breathing.

Advanced AI Inverter Algorithm

TCL’s proprietary AI Inverter Algorithm reaches the set temperature more quickly and energy-efficiently. The wind adjusts to ensure perfect performance at the set temperature, providing quicker, more proactive, and energy-efficient cooling and heating.

Quiet and Efficient Sleep Mode

Activate Sleep Mode for lower capacity operation, maintaining a narrow temperature buffer. The temperature fluctuates slowly during long-term operation, ensuring refreshment tailored to sleep duration and energy-efficient performance throughout the night.

Safety-First Design:

Built with safety in mind, this air conditioner features a fireproof control box for long-term peace of mind.

Self-Diagnosis Feature

Encounter any irregularities? The air conditioner provides feedback information on the display for immediate diagnosis and simple upkeep.

Power Cut Auto Restart

In the event of sudden power loss, TCL’s software memorizes current settings. The air conditioner routine resumes as intended once power is re-established.

Vector Precision Air Supply

Unlike standard air-conditioners, TCL provides quad-directional airflow. 72 angled vectors offer wider coverage, ensuring more comfortable, even, and precise air conditioning.

Ultra-Quiet Mute Mode

Activate Mute Mode for hushed operation. With noise levels lower than a standard laptop hum, you can concentrate on the important things without interruption.

5 Speed Refreshment Options

Select from 1-5 wind level intensities. Broader settings than standard competitors enable you to set a perfect, tightly tailored air speed.

TCL AC Price in Pakistan

Available for Rs 165000, the TCL Miracle TAC-18T3B DC Inverter Air-Conditioner offers superior features at an unbeatable price.

Free Delivery in Twin Cities

Purchase from Islamabad Electronics and enjoy free delivery and installation in the twin cities. Take advantage of our peak summer offer and experience the best in air conditioning comfort and convenience.



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