Zanussi Airwave Cordless 3in1 Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cordless design gives absolute freedom of movement
  • Powerful 22.2V Lithium battery for shorter charging time and longer lasting time
  • Cyclonic HEPA filter system, high efficiency motor
  • 6 LED brush lamps to spot fine dust in dark corners and under furniture
  • Wall-mount and built-in accessory holder for convenient storage
  • Simple disassembly for easy emptying and filter cleaning
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Zanussi Airwave Cordless Rechargeable Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner


The Zanussi Airwave Cordless Rechargeable sleek, compact design of this vacuum makes it perfect for an effortless, sweat-free cleaning session. And its cool blue exterior means it’s ready to fit in with any home décor.

  • Get floor-to-ceiling cleaning with the 3-in-1 cleaning features. Designed to reach every inch of your room for an all-over clean
  • Light, quiet, and easy-to-control vacuum offers a fast and easy solution to every-day cleaning for all sorts of surfaces
  • Easy to turn motorized power brush gives excellent results on any floor type, with improved pick-up ability on carpeted floors and rugs
  • Easy movability around furniture thanks to the 150o radius swivel vacuum nozzle, combined with the low weight of the cleaner itself

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