GEEPAS AIR COOLER 9442 | 9443 | 9444


Geepas 9442 | 9443 | 9444 Air Coolers:

Powerful, efficient, and affordable. With 3 speed options, 24-hour timer, and remote control, staying cool is effortless. Enjoy fresh, cool air with built-in ionizer and washable dust filter.

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GEEPAS AIR COOLER 9442 | 9443 | 9444

Your Ultimate Cooling Solution in Pakistan


In the scorching heat of Pakistan, finding an efficient and affordable cooling solution becomes imperative. Geepas Air Coolers offer the perfect answer to this need. With their advanced technology and budget-friendly pricing, GEEPAS AIR COOLER 9442 | 9443 | 9444 stand out as the ideal choice for keeping your space cool and comfortable all summer long.

Powerful Cooling Performance:

Geepas Air Coolers are engineered to deliver exceptional cooling performance, ensuring that you stay cool even during the hottest days. Featuring the innovative Honey Comb Cooling Pad, these air coolers provide efficient and uniform cooling throughout your room, making them an indispensable addition to homes and offices alike.

Affordable Price in Pakistan: GEEPAS AIR COOLER 9442

Priced competitively in the Air Cooler market in Pakistan, Geepas Air Coolers offer unmatched value for money. Their low voltage operation ensures minimal electricity consumption, allowing you to enjoy superior cooling without worrying about inflated utility bills. Whether you’re budget-conscious or simply seeking a cost-effective cooling solution, Geepas Air Coolers fit the bill perfectly.

Advanced Features for Convenience:

Geepas Air Coolers come loaded with a range of advanced features designed to elevate your cooling experience:

  • 3 Speed Options: Low, Medium, High
  • 3 Wind Modes: Normal, Natural, Sleep
  • Wind speed can reach 12m/s
  • 24 Hour Timer/Timer Function
  • Water/Ice Compatible: Automatic
  • Automatic Wide Angle Horizontal And Vertical Swing
  • Remote Control
  • Digital Display with Push Button Option
  • Ionizer
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Honey Comb Cooling Pad
  • High-performance copper motor
  • Powerful & energy-efficient motor
  • Washable dust filter
  • Water limit protection switch and unique IMD molding process
  • Strong casters for easy moving
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

With these features, Geepas Air Coolers provide unmatched convenience and functionality to users.

With their exceptional cooling performance, advanced features, and affordable pricing in Pakistan, Geepas Air Coolers emerge as the ultimate cooling solution for homes and offices alike. Whether you’re looking to beat the heat or save on your electricity bills, Geepas Air Coolers have got you covered. Invest in a Geepas Air Cooler today and revel in cool, refreshing air throughout the summer season and beyond.



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