Geepas Air Cooler GAC373 – 374 – 376 with Remote & LED Screen


► 3 wind speed setting
► Water Tank Capacity: 20L
► Remote control Ionizer
► Vertical & Horizontal Swing
► 24 Hours Timer
► Honeycomb Cooling Tech
► 1-Year Warranty
► Red-Black Color
► Dual Swingable Wings
► Remote Control
► LED Speed Display
► Moveable by Wheels
► AC 220-240V 50Hz 100W

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Introducing the GEEPAS Air Cooler GAC374

Your Ultimate Cooling Companion

Efficient Cooling Performance

Experience unparalleled cooling performance with the Geepas Air Cooler GAC373. Designed to combat the sweltering heat of Pakistan, this air cooler delivers refreshing air circulation throughout your space.

Energy-Efficient Design

Beat the heat without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills. The GEEPAS GAC374 features an energy-efficient motor, ensuring optimal cooling without compromising on electricity consumption.

Exceptional Features for Enhanced Comfort

With its 20-liter water tank capacity, three-speed options, and three wind modes (Normal, Natural, Sleep), this air cooler offers customizable cooling tailored to your preferences. Enjoy the convenience of the 24-hour timer function and remote-control operation for effortless temperature control.

Innovative Cooling Technology

Equipped with a honeycomb cooling pad and a powerful copper motor, the GEEPAS GAC374 ensures efficient cooling performance even in the hottest conditions. The water ice compatibility feature enhances cooling efficiency, providing instant relief from the heat.

Built-In Convenience

Stay cool and comfortable with ease, thanks to the automatic wide-angle horizontal and vertical swing feature. The digital display with push-button options and temperature indicator allows for intuitive operation, while the washable dust filter ensures clean and fresh air circulation.

Reliable Durability: Geepas Air Cooler GAC373

Crafted with durability in mind, the GEEPAS GAC374 boasts a sturdy construction and unique IMD molding process. The water limit protection switch safeguards the unit from damage, while the strong casters facilitate easy movement for added convenience.

Warranty and Pricing

Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year motor warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Discover affordable cooling solutions with competitive Air cooler prices in Pakistan, including the Geepas Air cooler price in Pakistan, available at Islamabad Electronics.

Experience Cool Comfort Today

Upgrade your cooling experience with the GEEPAS Air Cooler GAC374. Shop for energy-saving air coolers for sale in Islamabad and embrace cool comfort all year round.



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